Dr. Olpin’s Professional Bio

Dr. Michael Olpin is a professor of health promotion at Weber State University and is the WSU Stress Relief Center director. He earned his Ph.D. in Health Education from SIU and his Master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Health Promotion and Psychology from BYU.

He has taught at six higher education institutions, including Southern Illinois University, Concord University, West Virginia University, Virginia Tech, and BYU. He has been teaching at Weber State for 23 years. His classes include stress management, mind/body wellness, meditation & mindfulness, and wellness coaching.

Mike has presented numerous classes, seminars, workshops, papers, and professional speaking engagements nationwide, focusing mainly on stress management, mind/body well-being, peak performance, and mental and emotional wellness.

Besides these speaking engagements, he consults with companies and businesses, sports teams and athletes, individuals, and community groups.

Mike recently finished the fifth edition of a textbook on stress management he authored being used by colleges and universities around the country and Canada titled Stress Management for Life: A research-based experiential approach. Mike has published two additional books on stress management: His most recent best-selling book is “Unwind: 7 Principles for a Stress-Free Life,” co-authored with Sam Bracken of the Franklin-Covey Corporation. His other book is titled “The World is NOT a Stressful Place: Stress relief for everyone.”

Most recently, based on his online academic courses and over 30 years of investigation, research, instruction, and coaching, Mike created an online education platform to help people everywhere manage their stress. Mike’s professional website Stress Management Place is designed for individuals and groups to help them more effectively manage their stress.

Best of all, Mike has been happily married for 33 years and enjoys four amazing kids and five grandchildren. In his free time, you will find him playing pickleball, biking and trail running in the beautiful northern Utah mountains where they currently reside.